Classic Old-School Strength.

This photo is going old-school sepia. Why? Because what else is a gorgeous old workbench but an old-school classic. Strong, utilitarian, indestructible. A workbench like this transcends trends, it’s lasted this long and it’s not going anywhere. Sure, it might not be used as intended anymore (although, why not?, it’s still perfectly strong and perfectly capable). Maybe it becomes a television stand or bonus kitchen counter space; maybe it stands proud on one end of the dining room serving drinks or basks in a sunny corner covered with plants. Any job of any sort, this classic is up for it!



Look at this darling little wooden lifeboat! And the paddle! The bigger boat that it’s attached to is pretty handsome but its little baby on the deck is adorable. These little touches are one of the reason I love antiques.


Similar Functions/ Different Personalities

Look at these lovely almost-twin sisters: similar functions and similar forms, but such different personalities! Both ladies are so stately and tall and both waiting to be filled to the brim with a collection of McCoy pottery or perhaps grandma's antique Ironstone. Meanwhile, all the less attractive crockery can be hidden behind the cabinet doors down below. (Not all of grandma's things were the prettiest but solid practicality can't be parted with: solid practicality, after all, is what many grandmas are best known for, mine included.) The whitewashed pine lady (most likely European) stands just above seven feet tall and proud of every inch- no bashful stooping from her. Why be shy when you're so pretty? And yet she conveniently separates into two pieces, so helpful in moving her from place to place. The darker beauty is all-American, serious but the white porcelain knobs add a light, pretty touch. And that darker sheen is all the better to highlight the white porcelain treasures within. Both are available in the shop now. :) UPDATE: The dark pine, American cupboard has SOLD. The whitewashed cupboard is still available. 


Lulu the Manic Puppy.

Just when I'm thinking about how manic and crazy and stubborn my puppy is, she goes and does something so cute and so sweet that she becomes my sweet little fur-ball again. Her unbridled joy is all the apology I need for all the shredded paper towels, all the waking me up whenever she feels like it, all the interrupting me when I'm trying to focus. Oh, puppy attention-seeking!

 I think my fellow puppy owners can relate!  


Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Welcome to my brand new website! It's very much a work in progress so please be kind and forgiving! I kinda feel like a genius when I manage to successfully post a picture to social media so you can imagine how I'm feeling creating a whole brand-new website! (Meanwhile, the techies are shaking their heads in pity at that statement and three-year-olds with iPads are laughing at me!) Take a look around. Enjoy the pictures. Online sales will be coming soon!