Lulu the Manic Puppy.

Just when I'm thinking about how manic and crazy and stubborn my puppy is, she goes and does something so cute and so sweet that she becomes my sweet little fur-ball again. Her unbridled joy is all the apology I need for all the shredded paper towels, all the waking me up whenever she feels like it, all the interrupting me when I'm trying to focus. Oh, puppy attention-seeking!

 I think my fellow puppy owners can relate!  


Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Welcome to my brand new website! It's very much a work in progress so please be kind and forgiving! I kinda feel like a genius when I manage to successfully post a picture to social media so you can imagine how I'm feeling creating a whole brand-new website! (Meanwhile, the techies are shaking their heads in pity at that statement and three-year-olds with iPads are laughing at me!) Take a look around. Enjoy the pictures. Online sales will be coming soon!